Boy's Toys
The BOY'S TOYS company was founded in 2019 by two chemist friends who wanted to contribute to the development of barber culture in Russia. The brand name clearly tells about the idea of the founders, because men, as you know, have their own toys.
Men's skin and hair care should also be special. The BOY'S TOYS brand is a Russian company that produces high—quality cosmetics for men.
Modern European technologies and natural ingredients are used in the production. One of the most striking components in the composition is allantoin. Due to its main properties — astringent and anti—inflammatory - this substance was included in the list of local anesthetics of the World Health Organization (WHO).
A brand of men's professional cosmetics for use in salons, barbershops, also suitable for home use
A Russian product at a reasonable price, not inferior in quality to its Western counterparts.
The products are manufactured using British technologies.
Our production process does not have a negative impact on the environment.
Address: Ingeokom Distribution Partners JSC
Moscow, Yakovoapostolsky lane, 7, building 2,
office 500
8(800)250-77-04 - online store
+7(495)790-74-79 - office
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