Alfred Woelbing, a resident of Milwaukee, northern Wisconsin, periodically suffered from colds and dry, cracked skin on his lips.
He decided to create a remedy that can solve this topical issue for many and came up with a therapeutic balm that contains camphor oil, menthol and lanolin.
At first, Alfred produced balms by hand and poured them into now recognizable white jars with a yellow lid.
So, in 1937, the Carmex brand emerged – the world-famous brand and the No. 1 lip balm in the world.
Currently, Carmex balms are available in more than 32 countries around the world.
Carmex balm protects against the effects of wind, cold air and sun; moisturizes and nourishes the thin skin of the lips.
For more than 85 years, Carmex balms have been pleasing their consumers.
The balm is an excellent base for lip makeup. Many professional makeup artists constantly use CARMEX balms in their daily lives and work.
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